Resident Conduct

All individuals should be encouraged to be neighborly and to act in a cordial way to the neighbors. This also implies noise regulation, proper waste management, and observing our culture’s norms of etiquette.

Pet Ownership

We are a community friendly to pets. However, we will assume that all the pet owners are responsible and considerate of their neighbors. This also means regular cleaning of the animal waste and ensuring that they do not become a nuisance to other people.

Use of Amenities

Our common areas include the clubhouse, shuffleboard courts, with the clubhouse area well-equipped for every resident. We request that you keep these amenities in a proper condition after use so they do not affect others.

Approval of Occupants

All residents of the house need to be certified before starting the occupancy. A credit and background check involves an amount that will be paid as an application fee.

Home Maintenance

Everyone is partially responsible for the maintenance of their homes and the immediate adjacent zones’ residents while the staff of Missile View takes up the rest. This involves routine maintenance and repairs so that the exterior is always clean and tidy.

Parking Regulations

The community has its limitations and regulations for parking. Such rules are meant to guarantee that all citizens enjoy the benefits of alternative parking, and also, facilitate free movement of all emergency vehicles.

Lease Agreement

The lease agreement detailing the rules and guidelines of living in the park is compulsory for all residents. This involves paying rent monthly, leasing duration, renewal, and cancellation policies.

Home Is Where You
Park It

Welcome to Missile View Mobile Home Park – a 55+ seniors’ community that provides everything you need to lead a comfortable life, but with a twist of a resort-style life.